How We Dealt With The News Of Additional Needs, Our Story

A Diagnosis On 20th May 2014, the day Jadia was born, her predicted complications became a reality. She was born with severe talipes and her foot was bent round the wrong way, the doctors confirmed it was a ‘6/6 worse case scenario’. She was also diagnosed with a heart condition called pulmonary stenosis. The doctor […]

How Much Does Your First Pregnancy Differ To Your Second?

I have two children and both were born by natural labour at full term. However, my youngest was a lot different to my first. My First Pregnancy My first born was pretty much a text book pregnancy. For the first few months, I experienced nausea. My size 8 body struggled with carrying such a heavy […]

An Introduction

Who are we? I’m a 32 year old mummy to two wonderful children, Ashli-May (9, going on 19) and Jaida Faith (the typical little sister). There’s also my fiancé, Ashley! Ashli is currently in year four and a very keen tennis player. Jaida is 5 (her birthday is in two weeks!) and she loves swimming. […]