An Introduction


Who are we?

I’m a 32 year old mummy to two wonderful children, Ashli-May (9, going on 19) and Jaida Faith (the typical little sister). There’s also my fiancé, Ashley!

Ashli is currently in year four and a very keen tennis player. Jaida is 5 (her birthday is in two weeks!) and she loves swimming. My youngest was born with additional needs including: pulmonary stenosis, fixed talipes (or club foot), chromosome disorder, global development delay and glue ears. We also have our cat, Diamond, and dog, RiRi (yes the children named them). The dog wasn’t my idea, but they have been great for the kids!

The blog

I decided to start this blog as when I had my children, I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I came home from hospital and just stared into my baby’s face hoping some answers would magically appear. From tips like the best way to prepare formula milk, what brand nappies I should get, how to deal with colic, everyone had an opinion or experience they wanted to share. I was wondering if I was generally doing this parenting thing right. The list was endless, even more so when Jaida was born.

Jaida was born with additional needs; this felt like such a lonely road, as it was nothing like what I had gone through with my first. I wasn’t surrounded by many who shared the same experiences. I then took to the Internet in search of finding people who had experienced similar. My findings were that most felt the same way I did, alone and questioning their child. Things became a little easier upon hearing other stories, especially ones that offered hope.

All this has led me to this honest blog; real experiences from real people caring for children from all different walks of life! Any hints, tips, or tricks mentioned in posts are tried and tested. I hope you find this blog informative and helpful in some way!

Tip & Tricks

  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar to 1oz of cooled boiled water and offer this to your baby 3 times a day, directly before formula feeds, to help with constipation.
  • Warm baths can help soothe and relax a baby with colic!