Homework Club & Tutoring

My Learning and Me is organised into a three-term school year. Each term there are activities covering statutory requirements for the National Curriculum Framework. Students need a strong foundation and good study skills to excel in life. Our goal is to help your child not just understand the subject but to understand how to learn and develop their potential in the future.

Our programme is designed to identify gaps in academic knowledge. Many children suffer from developmental issues, both minor and severe.

The tutors that teach with ‘My Learning and Me’ have experience helping students with developmental obstacles, as well as those suffering a setback due to long term illness or other reasons. Our approach allows learning to become more efficient without simply adding to your child’s workload.

The Tutoring Program

The tutoring program has been designed by mums, Early Years practitioners, SEND specialists and qualified primary school teachers. With our experience and knowledge, we wanted to create a selection of programs that would work with different learning styles and be adaptable to all abilities.

One of our key things is making it fun, interactive and hands-on where possible. Allowing a child to learn through play. Making the learning relevant to things they can see helps a child understand a concept as well as achieve the learning goal. 

As a mother of two children who completely differ educationally, I have witnessed how much personalised extra help outside of school has developed both of my children academically as well as a huge confidence growth. Jaida came home from school comparing herself to children who she called ‘clever’, referring to herself as ‘not smart’ and different to her peers. 

Due to this, we often had struggles preparing her for school in the mornings, it was a real self-esteem loss for her. After this revelation, Jaida was keen to start tutoring the same as her big sister. She looks forward to her tutoring sessions each week and comes back beaming and thriving, excited to tell our family how well she has done in her sessions. We often find Ashli-May on FaceTime to our close relatives, reading a piece of creative writing or sharing maths problems to challenge her aunts and uncles! 

My experience has made me aware of how crucial some extra support can be to parents and children on their academic skills as well as confidence building. My children learn in different ways. Ashli-May is more of a ‘typical’ learner and can pick things up pretty quickly, where Jaida needs more assistance with concentration and thrives when she can complete work that is set to her personal level. She gains a huge sense of achievement, which in turn gives her enjoyment and the confidence to accept further challenges. Ashli-May, thrives on having the group interaction where she uses her peers to push her further. Each child is able to showcase their knowledge and encourage others along the way.


Our Courses

KS1 Tutoring

Key Stage 1 relates to children aged 5 to 7 years old. Our programme of study is in line with the National Curriculum as we believe that this offers all our children a broad and balanced education. 

KS2 Tutoring

Key Stage 2 relates to children aged 7 to 11 years old. Areas of study are in line with the National Curriculum as we believe that this offers all our children a broad and balanced education.

11+ Tutoring

English, Maths and Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning designed specifically for the 11+ exams. This course aims to provide your child with an in-depth knowledge understanding of areas that they may only have covered superficially at school.

Get School Ready

Get School Ready is a class that aims to prepare your child for a smooth transition into school. A lot of people will assume that preparing a child for school is very much based on learning numbers and letters, however it is much more than that.

Let's Talk

At My Learning and Me, we will use sensory play as it helps support language development. For example; receptive language skills can be developed through sensory play such as play dough, bubble wrap or shaving foam as it provides perfect opportunities to work on giving instructions, introducing new vocabulary and language concepts such as prepositions, adjectives.

Read Together

Each week we will have a focus of set phonics sounds eg ‘sh’ ‘s’ ‘ph’ ‘t’. Activities will involve listening games, blending sounds together to make words and learning and identifying sight words. Learning to differentiate between letters and sounds and adapting to individual learning styles to ensure children can learn to read through the best method for them and not one generic way.

Homework Club

Homework club provides support for those who need extra help with homework provided by the school or by any of our tutoring sessions. It will provide an opportunity for other children to get together and discuss their homework and get adult support in completing it.