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The Story

Hey I’m Jade, better known and mostly called “mum” “mummy” (at least 30 times a day…). I am the founder of this blogging site My Children and Me. I am a 33 year old mummy to a 9 and 6 years old – Ashli-May (9 going on 16) and Jaida faith (The typical little sister). I’m also fiancé to the wonderful father of my children – Ashley.

I also have a dog and a cat…. dog wasn’t my idea but nevertheless been great for the kids and I have grown to love her.

The Blog

I decided to start this blog as when I had my children, I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I came home from hospital and just stared into my babies faces hoping that some answers would magically appear. Everyone had an opinion or experience or recommendation to share from their own experiences which came in useful in the future days to come. From tips like best formula milk to best nappies; deals that were on; bathing helping with colic; brown sugar in water helping constipation, the list was endless. This was even more so the case when Jaida was born. 

Jaida was born with additional needs (I will go into the details in a separate blog) and this felt like such a lonely road as it was nothing like what I had experienced with my first and I wasn’t surrounded by many with the same experience. I then took to the internet and places to meet and find people who had experienced anything similar. My findings were that most people felt the same – alone, questioning why their child. It was difficult but was made so much easier when I heard of other stories and stories which offered hope… success, confidence. This has lead me to this honest blog- real experiences from real people caring for children in different walks of life. 

The ‘hints tips and tricks’ mentioned at the end of most blogs are real- things tried, experienced, purchased. These are personal things that have been tried and tested, from web links to items or information, to a simple “try this”. I hope you find this informative and helpful in some way.


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