Guest Post: On Pregnancy & Riding The Wave

Note: this post was written by a friend of mine who has chosen to remain anonymous. I am a mother of two. My daughter is 5 and my son is 3 weeks old. My First Pregnancy My first pregnancy was a smooth one. I loved being pregnant; I was happy and felt positive throughout. I […]

Guest Post: “Help! My Child Is Not Communicating”

Speech, language and communication skills are one of the most vital skills we develop. We use language to understand what is said to us, problem solve, communicate our desires, thoughts, feelings, ideas and build and maintain relationships. According to The Communication Trust, “In the UK, over 1 million children and young people – that’s 2 […]

Guest Post: On Motherhood, Coronavirus & Mental Health

Note: This is a guest post from a family friend The phrase on everyone’s lips right now is Coronavirus or Covid-19, Miss Rona if you’re nasty. Over the last few months, Coronavirus has taken over the world. Impacting some physically, others psychologically. With the rise of mental health awareness thanks to charities promoting it as […]