The Dreaded Thought of Returning to Homeschooling


Yes, I want to keep the kids safe at any cost but the thought of going back to homeschooling gives me the deathly dread!

Three kids; a newly turned 5 year old who now thinks he’s super grown and delegates his school work tasks between adults to be ‘fair’ and will refuse to read to you because it’s not your given task, an 8 year old diva who must have fruit salad delivered to her while she sits on a sun chair in the sitting room reading books way below her reading capability and a 10 year old who thinks he’s the newest architect in town – hoarding every piece of cardboard and selotape for his next project..

Both the older ones sitting in separate rooms during school times to prevent any argument as to who is clicking or typing the loudest… yes, it is that easy to trigger an argument between these siblings… the younger one choosing sides dependent on what benefits him the most during the arguments which in fact has nothing to do with him!

10 year old… pretty self-sufficient so limited help and supervision is needed. That is until you leave the room and on goes youtube.

8 year old… a pretty self-sufficient diva who does not believe she has to do as much work as the teachers have assigned and it’s all a lie.

5 year old who will negotiate the life out of you… approaching him with schoolwork (and getting dressed) is like negotiating a new business deal…

Running downstairs to ban YouTube for the 15th time and it’s not even 10am yet, to return upstairs to find another one playing snakes (to my surprise because I thought it was a game only played on a nokia) which has actually been given the name ‘Zooooob’ like a new, extremely loved pet, to then instruct the youngest that his numbers are around the wrong way even though you’ve practiced number formation for 100 days in a row already…

I really do wonder how many parents hit the bottle at the end of the day. Wine sales must definitely go up! To the parents who feel like they are at their wits end at the end of the day (or 11am)… YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

Where is the guide to prepare us for the next time period of homeschooling? Or the wine catalogue will do.