Science-Based Benefits of Breastfeeding

Earlier this month, we celebrated Breastfeeding Week over on Instagram. Whilst it’s great to have a week where it is recognised internationally, I think it deserves to be spoken about openly all year round! Let’s take a look at some benefits backed by science. The thing that is so great about breast milk is the […]

Guest Post: How To Tell Your Child Is Having Difficulties With Food

Many children encounter difficulties with food at some point during their growth and it isn’t always easy to understand if it is just a phase or something more. Often a child that struggles with food for a long time after the age of 14 months turns into a fussy eater and even if the calories […]

Guest Post: Living with Sickle Cell Disease & My Journey To Acceptance

Growing up with Sickle Cell Disease wasn’t too bad but then again, I didn’t understand what was wrong with me. I never really had that conversation with my parents about the fact that I had Sickle Cell Disease. It was never truly explained to me. All I knew is that I was different. I had […]

5 Benefits Of Cutting Out Gluten And Dairy From Your Child’s Diet

Two very common food allergies that children suffer from are gluten intolerance and lactose (or dairy) intolerance. Gluten is a type of protein found in wheat and it doesn’t break down very easily in our gut. Protease enzymes in our gut are effective at breaking down other proteins, but gluten is resistant to protease. This […]